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A bathroom is a room or space that more than likely sets the mood whenever you are getting ready to conquer your day in the morning. Master bathrooms are by far the most luxurious of all bathrooms today and in addition to a toilet and tub they almost always contain two sinks for the comfort of the couple, a separate tub for a relaxing bath and a separate shower. Most luxurious one can even have a whirlpool spa. Then, there are half bathrooms that only have a small sink area and toilet while a full bathroom has a bathtub and a shower combination along with the sink and toilet. Children's bathrooms may be lacking in a thing or two but they are more colorful and have a high energy feel to them.

Most fixtures come in white or bone colors and are popular when it comes to chrome faucets. Brass accents are the latest trend when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Corner shelves in a corner shower are a part of the contemporary bathroom scene. Steel bathtubs have a traditional look and are much stronger and durable.

Bathroom light fixtures can range from very simple to fun and funky. These are available in all styles, colors, and shapes. Dimmer switches can be added to allow soft lighting in addition to having brighter lighting whenever you need to apply your makeup. Bathroom faucets can help you define the overall style that you want to achieve in your bathroom. You can find that bathrooms that are more traditional have the so popular floral or fluting designs, while the more trendy and modern bathrooms have geometric ones.

Roman style claw footbaths and bathtubs with elongated bases hold a classic look. More modern and high tech bathrooms have pedestal sinks and the plumbing is usually on display. If you look for a more modern look, then frosted shower doors are the ones you should go for.

No bathroom is complete without a bathroom rug. Bathroom rugs are available in any shape color, size, and style imaginable. There is a rug for every taste out there. There are contemporary round bathroom rugs and shaggy big bathroom rugs. A rug like this will allow you to update your bathroom just by changing the rug and some of the basic accessories in the bathroom. This way you don't have to redecorate the entire room, just change the rug.

People who have various tastes and who are frequently changing and evolving their tastes should choose more neutral colors and plain styles that can be given different looks by just switching a few things around. Porcelain combinations are quite traditional and allow you redecorate very easily. There are basic faucets such as chrome and brass combinations that work best with the neutral bathroom scheme. Gooseneck and waterfall faucets are quite modern and are actually considered to be trendy.

Remember that when remodeling or designing a bathroom for someone with a physical disability that the bathroom needs to be fully functional for them. If you have a high traffic bathroom, make sure that you use decorations that are much more durable and will not damage easily along with neutral colors that will not show scuff marks as easily.

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Bathroom Decor

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This article was published on 2010/04/03