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The bathroom renovations is a project that for most is completely new. While bathroom renovations can be confusing, with guidance around the following areas you will soon be on your way to a dream bathroom:

-Products and services

These elements are but a few of the factors which will emerge once you decide to embark on your Bathroom Renovations project. Following is a very quick guide to some of these unknowns, which in conjunction with help from the experts will assist you in future bathroom renovations.

Product – bathroom products include; tiles, accessories, mirrors, lighting, sanitary ware and tap ware to name but a few. The best way to approach this collection of what most would consider to be completely unknown products is to seek advice. Firstly visit retail outlets which distribute the products you are after, showroom staff will generally be able to provide you with advice and feedback on product. Secondly, engage a bathroom renovator to assist you with the work. Not only will they be able to provide helpful advice on product selection but they will also be able to source or possess the skills necessary to complete the various elements of the renovation –tiling, plumbing, wiring and waterproofing.

Cost – budgeting is an essential part of any bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations require a minimum consideration of around $15k for a full makeover. A good exercise is to break your costing down into two elements – labor and product. Labor is relatively static – that means for example that the cost of putting down a meter of tiles will be relatively similar no matter who provides the service, likewise for the plumbing and waterproofing.

For the products, decide on the look you are after and create a wish list to compliment this. Once you have these figures, work out what you can afford to spend, if the figure is lower than your budget – get started! However if you cannot afford the specification you have created seek out ways to reduce this. The best place to start is by seeking alternate products which provide a similar list of features; this may include slightly less exclusive tiles, taps or sanitary ware. Another prudent step is to get several quotes on both the labor component and product component.

Design – Great places to start are bathroom magazines and bathroom showrooms. Lifestyle shots and displays provide excellent inspiration. The first way to narrow down the search is to consider size; this will narrow down the scope of possibilities available to you. Second, think about the broader structure into which the bathroom is placed. If the structure is for example modern/minimalist in appearance, a certain type of bathroom setting will naturally work.

While the thought of bathroom renovations may leave you feeling lost, with a well thought out plan and advice from the experts you can achieve your dream bathroom.

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Bathroom Renovations

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This article was published on 2011/08/17