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Faster pace of life, so that consumers feel Decoration Time is tight unbearable, so the decoration materials in the selection of one-stop shopping when the more inclined, and also to ensure the unity of the overall style decoration. So more and more cross-border operation began building materials industry, which Bathroom Tile areas are particularly conspicuous. Today, moving the tile bathroom cheese, eating habits tomorrow bathroom tile collections, Who Who moved the cheese? Bathroom tile mutual cross-border business advantages? Believe that only the market can be revealed answers.

Bathroom tile "Twins love", put up the chips for seamless

Home Industry has been spread this way of saying that "bathroom tile, regardless of home." First, both are essential for the bathroom renovation process but the two similar Marketing Multi-channel operators also have overlap. Although the definition in the industry boundaries of distinction between the two, but since the middle of the range is relatively small, so more and more enterprises have set foot in cross-border operations, hopes to extend the product line, or escape from a single tile in the bathroom business areas to ride out a bathroom, and tile "Twins love," staged with intimate opera.

Dongpeng, Hui Da, Eagle attack first cross-border operation, backed Dongpeng tiles, sanitary ware business have burgeoned; benefits started up by sanitary, but success can also be involved in tile; Eagle has been classified as music Putting aside the family's. Under the leadership of these companies, Wrigley, toto were all force, and a great come from behind the trend.

Cross-border operation advantages lie fine line between success or failure

Bathroom and tile two areas to promote business between the driving force behind cross-border business has increased sales from corporate and brand level of priority. Consumers in the decoration, the requirement to ensure sanitary ware, tiles and other decorative materials can be unified style, feeling out of harmony with comfort. So the trend of one-stop shopping has become increasingly apparent that consumers were willing to pick and bathroom tiles, bathroom tile matching products to choose. Sanitary ware and tile enterprises supporting product development, not only involved in stimulating new areas of product Sell , Also contributed to the original sales, so that the brand of sanitary ware, ceramic tiles are more complete, we will also upgrade the brand reputation is not without benefit to the consumer products supporting strong feeling that big companies and big brands. For this reason, cross-border operations between bathroom tiles continuously staged drama.

But from the design, process or from the service side, cross-border business is still at the exploratory stage, a successful example of many, there are also many typical failure. Therefore, cross-border business enterprises in the bathroom or tile must be careful when, because of the success and failure only a thin line. While the overall home is a major trend, but the dedication and professionalism to provide a steady stream of products for the enterprise to support the truth of ancient times. Carefully scrutinized carefully consider market conditions and consider their own enterprise strength is the bathroom and tile in the market the only way to survival and development.

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Bathroom Tile Cross-border Marketing Who Who Moved The Cheese - Bathroom Hardware, Ceramic, Cheese -

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Bathroom Tile Cross-border Marketing Who Who Moved The Cheese - Bathroom Hardware, Ceramic, Cheese -

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