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When was the last time you checked your bathroom? Is it still the dream bathroom you once had? Over the years, our bathroom ages and it is up to us to make some changes to update it. Hearing the word change and update may not sound an appealing task. This is due to the difficult economic times. However, you have to remember that you do not need to spend a lot. With a little creativity, you will surely restore the features you once loved about your bathroom.

Why do you need to update your bathroom? Bathrooms are among the best hiding places of people. It is where they can be themselves and really be alone. It is also, where one cleans himself and enjoys a revitalizing and refreshing time with his thoughts, the soap and the water. These simple, quiet moments are essential for all the busy people out there, for moms that never seize to take care of their family, for dads who have worked hard all day, and for a child who wants to enjoy a few moments of independence.

So how do you update a bathroom that has never been touched for over a decade? Here are some tips.

Wall treatments:

Changing how your wall looks gives an instant dramatic appeal. First, decide how you want your walls to look like. Do you want to imitate a spa like environment? Look at images of your favorite spa and imitate the color they are using. Use a bathroom wall paint to do this. If the walls have wall papers, remove them first. Painting is an inexpensive treatment, but it will surely change how your bathroom looks immediately.

Few changes that create huge impact:

Change your light fixtures. Lighting in a room always affects the mood of the area. Doing this in your bathroom will surely create a big difference. Choose a fixture that will give you a relaxing mood. Aside from the lighting, you can also change the faucets. New faucets will always create a huge difference. These may be small changes but it will definitely give your bathroom an updated look.

You can also change your mirror. There are several discounted mirrors in the market today. Measure your existing space and find a cheap mirror to hang there.

Turn your attention to the shower curtain as well. This is an inexpensive piece in the bathroom but it is seldom replaced. Look for a new one. Choose a different color that will match your new wall. There are tons of patterns to consider. Pick one that will be comforting to the eyes. You will surely feel that you are in a bathroom of someone else when you walk in.

Dealing with the flaws

Bathrooms have little flaws and eyesores. A few inexpensive tricks will hide them. A new shower curtain can hide your unattractive door. You battered floor can be fixed with a new bathroom rug.
You can do several, inexpensive updates to your bathroom. You do not have to do everything mentioned above. Just come up with a plan and implement it in your bathroom.

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Bathroom Update Budget

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This article was published on 2010/03/26