Designing Your Bathroom With Wall Art

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You can make your bathroom interesting, no matter what the size, by bringing it to life with wall art. Aside from mirrors or a wall vanity, you have limitless options to make the room look fantastic, give it the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is, or create an ambience. After taking into account humidity, bathroom wall art doesn’t have to differ from how you style the rest of your residence. Turn your bathroom into the space of your dreams by designing a beautiful, calming yet functional area.

When it comes to colors for your bathroom, don’t think you have to settle for basic, boring white walls. Depending on the feel you are trying to make, you can go with subtle, darker, calming colors to make your bathroom a relaxing area. To create the feeling of more light to a mini bathroom, light pastel shades can be helpful. Creating texture with paint and a sponge is another interesting idea. Glazing the walls with a sponge in a similar hue creates depth and artistry.

Wall paper, wall decals, and hand painted art can be other wonderful ideas. You can get wall paper for your bathroom in thousands of hues, prints and styles that will make your space anything but plain. Some companies sell wall paper made of still photographs of gorgeous scenic images, to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the woods, or sitting on the beach. Consider using a bathroom wall to create a mural if you are an exceptional artist. Pre-designed stencils are also an idea if hand painting is not your talent.

A fashionable bathroom vanity can do wonders for your room. Don’t think you have to make do with what you own. Be creative and get round wall mirrors or contemporary mirrors in place of a boring basic vanity. If your room space allows it, you can install shelves or a cabinet to make up for the loss of your vanity. Vanities come in so many shapes and styles, if you decide to keep one, be creative. Have fun with them. A vanity can act as a piece of wall art that is also very functional.

Don’t forget about artwork and framed photographs as bathroom décor options. Fun family photographs don’t just have to be set in the hallway or stairway. Your bathroom is a good area to hang pictures of your loved ones, or other pictures of tours or wildlife that you may have taken yourself. Artwork can be another wonderful idea. Remember that humidity can ruin expensive art and anything hanging without a glass frame.

Just because it is your bathroom doesn’t mean the walls have to be simple and boring. The bathroom can also be a style of art.

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Designing Your Bathroom With Wall Art

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Designing Your Bathroom With Wall Art

This article was published on 2011/09/30