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Bathroom furniture will also reflect the lifestyle of the home owners. If space allows, cupboards for bath towels and hand cloths can be natural wood, glass and steel or painted wood. There can be drawers for keeping toothpaste, soap and other bath items. There is a luxurious feeling to a beautifully decorated bathroom, even if the decorating is simple and inexpensive. Most bathrooms have a white toilet, sink and bathtub. The only colour comes from the hanging bath or hand towels. There may be a display of decorator soap, but that is the extent of decorating efforts. There is so much more that can be done to create an inviting environment that need not be expensive.

Often the family bathroom is simple and the guest bathroom is decorated. A guest bathroom may be just a toilet and a sink but it will have matching hand towels and possibly a picture on the wall and a vase of flowers. A little thought to the furniture needed in a family bathroom can make life easier. A bathroom is often a good place for a magazine rack. It may be necessary to have a small stool or chair for pedicures. Shower doors keep the floor drier and cleaner than a hanging curtain.

Shower doors have become design elements in themselves. With elegant tinted and etched shatter-proof glass, they alone brighten up even the most mundane bathroom. The attractive doors also hide several different kinds of bathtubs. Spa Jacuzzi, oversized corner tubs, and vintage bathtubs with clawed feet and big taps are just a few of the possibilities for upgrading any bathroom. Some even have enamel designs and flowers, and they all come in a huge variety of colours.

There is also no limit to the colours available for toilets. Sinks, toilets and bathtubs can be colour coordinated for a decorator's dream. There is also an endless variety of ceramic tiles that will compliment the décor. It is great fun to walk through a bathroom showroom and see the beautiful mock-up displays that give an idea of what combinations are possible. Why depend on the designers? Colours are made to mix and match and each one can have unique bathroom decoration.

Complete shower enclosures are one kind of bathroom furniture that seem expensive at first but in the long run will save money because no tiles or grout is needed. They are smooth acrylic panels that resist dirt and are easy to clean. The panels fit together to make a water tight enclosure.

Vanities are another type of bathroom furniture that is most common in master bathrooms. There is a lot of counter space and cupboards below for storage. Vanities usually also have large mirrors with plenty of light.

For a truly elegant men's bathroom, there is nothing like dark oak bathroom furniture. The sink cabinet, towel racks, small chair and table and sideboards made of dark oak and combined with black and white floor tiles and red accessories sends a real masculine statement.

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Fashionable Bathroom Furniture

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This article was published on 2011/05/18