Modern Bathroom Design with Contemporary Bathroom Faucets

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Many people don't think of a bathroom as a room that can be beautiful. However, neglecting your bathroom space is a big mistake. Your bathroom should match the rest of your home decor. It should be just as inviting and beautiful as any other room in your home. After all, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom taking showers, baths, and getting ready every morning. It should be a space that you adore. Modern bathroom are all the rage in home decor today. A beautiful, sleek modern bathroom with clean lines and minimalistic components is a great addition to any home. One way to transform your bathroom from drab and dull to stunning is by installing a new shower, toilet, and faucet. Contemporary bathroom faucets are the easiest way to create a focal point in your new bathroom. There are many different bathroom faucets you can choose from, but there are a few things you should keep in mind as you shop.


The first thing you should consider when shopping for a bathroom faucet is what kind of finish you want it to have. Contemporary bathroom faucets come in a variety of different finishes. Remember that your faucet will be the centerpiece of your bathroom, and your guests will notice it the most when using your restroom, so you need to choose one that looks great. Also, keep in mind that the rest of your bathroom will have to match the faucet.


Many people who are building a contemporary bathroom like chrome bathroom faucets. Chrome is very modern and sophisticated, but sometimes it can look a bit too cold. Stainless steel is another finish you can get that is very similar to chrome. If you want a warmer tone, polished brass or oil rubbed bronze are both great choices. Since they are warmer in hue, they can make your bathroom feel cozier, but they don't always look as sleek as chrome or stainless steel.


The next thing you need to decide on when shopping for a faucet is spacing. Contemporary bathroom faucets usually come with 4 inch or 8 inch centers, meaning one handle is 4 inches or 8 inches away from the other handle. Your faucet should be the same as your bathroom sink centers, or you might not be able to install it. You can also get a single-hole faucet, and cover up any other holes with hole covers.


There are three ways to mount your new faucet, on one hole, three holes, or on the wall. For the most modern look, a wall mounted faucet is the best option. As modern interior design steadily gains popularity, many manufacturers are designing beautiful, modern pieces for the bathroom including stunning contemporary bathroom faucets. If you are redesigning your bathroom, remember that a faucet is the focal point of the room. Look for a contemporary piece that reflects your style and matches the rest of your bathroom decor.


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Modern Bathroom Design with Contemporary Bathroom Faucets

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This article was published on 2011/06/18